Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) ensures the correct operation of multiple electrical devices in proximity to each other.  In other words, EMC ensures that an electrical device functions without interfering with the function of other devices and, likewise, that those devices don’t affect its function.

Effective control of interference occurs primarily in the planning stages.  Nonetheless, it is possible to control it in existing, functioning devices and systems with supplementary measures.

Our specialized areas of design:

  • Design of complex electromagnetic interference protection in electrical systems in new buildings.
  • Design of electromagnetically shielded areas (eg server rooms, interception protected conference rooms, studios, analysis and inspection laboratories, NATO structures, etc.)
  • Design of low frequency electromagnetic shielding for transformer chambers (collections lines, distribution areas)
  • Design of protective systems against high frequency interference (interference screening of high and low voltage signal cables)
  • TEMPEST requirements